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Jones Engineering have manufactured a range of hose reels that are robust, reliable and easy to use, designed to maximise efficiency and minimise cost. Standard features include hydraulic legs, turntable and jack. Unique to Jones Engineering the four speed gearbox lowers from the main retraction gear to avoid unnecessary wear of the gearbox when pulling the pipe out. Optional features include items such as telephone control, tandem axle,

Pipe diameter from 90 to 125 mm.

Pipe length comes in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements.

You can irrigate smarter, not harder with Jones Engineering.

Standard Specification;

  • Made in Great Britain
  • Hydraulic Turntable
  • Hydraulic legs
  • Hydraulic front jack
  • Drop down Gearbox
  • Galvanised chassis
  • Galvanised main frame
  • Inlet filter
  • 6m Delivery Hose
  • British computer controlled
  • Flashing beacon when pulling out at night and only 25m of pipe left.
  • Low pressure loss turbine
  • Vari-angle gun
  • Minimum 10mm thickness of British hose
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Automatic lifting of the rain gun trolley
  • Trolley will lay pipe down the wheeling or the center
  • Gear retraction
  • Solar panel to charge the battery
  • Slow shut down
  • 4-speed gearbox
  • Computer is housed in a  lockable cabinet.

The computer will tell you;

  • Time remaining in real time
  • Pull in speed
  • Pipe length
  • Headland time
  • Tail-land time
  • Alternative speeds
  • Irrigation width
  • Water flow rate
  • Rainfall equivalent
  • Delayed timed start

Telephone Control allows you to;

  • Stop the Irrigator at anytime of its cycle.
  • Increase the pull in speed resulting in decreasing the rainfall.
  • Decrease the pull in speed resulting in increasing the rainfall.
  • Notify you how far it has left to pull in and how long this will take.
  • Notifies you of any faults that occur during the run.
  • Notifies you when the run is complete.
  • You can also ask the irrigator what stage it is at during the cycle from any phone.