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The Jones Engineering Harvester has been designed for share lifting Carrots, Parsnips, Onions and other vegetables all year round, it is heavy duty and gentle on the crop

Many options are available to suit your harvesting requirements, Standard form includes:

  • Vibrating share, Flat share, Bar share or squeeze shares
  • Digging web with agitation
  • Square web that lifts up or down for more or less cleaning with agitation
  • Pintle belt fully adjustable in or out, up or down
  • Stars with high speed reverse for cleaning in sticky conditions
  • 1.2m Cart elevator for high speed loading
  • Automatic height control
  • Heavy duty wheel drive up to 300 bar
  • Touch screen controls
  • All webs are hydraulic driven and are fully adjustable
  • When folded for transport the drive axle moves across to reduce the road width

All Harvesters can be built to the customers requirements from self-propelled to trailed.