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Straw Layers

Standard features;

  • Strong British Construction
  • Load sensed hydraulics
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Road lights and beacons
  • Work lights
  • Self centre steering
  • Operator friendly control panel
  • Variable speed feed webs
  • Nine bale or Seven bale machines
  • Poly layer with easy change and buzzer for when empty
  • Adjustable door in rear hood to prevent straw flowing through without being shredded
  • Wide centre bale runners to allow for misshaped bales with rotators to align the bales
  • 1000 pto speed for smoother running

Optional features:

  • Cameras and monitors
  • Wheel drive
  • Remote greasers to center drive shaft
    • LENGTH: 10.6m
    • WIDTH OPEN: 4.8m