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Jones engineering have been making irrigation booms for the jones engineering irrigators for a number of years now, the irrigation boom offers a strong British compact design which makes it easy to manoeuvre from field to field.


  • Strong British Design.
  • Fully Galvanised.
  • Three stage folding boom that Wraps around the irrigator real for easy transportation.
  • Turntable so that the boom can handle angled headlands and obstacles in the field.
  • Manoeuvres between fields and within the field can be completed by one man and tractor reducing labour costs.


  • Watering width 50m
  • Band width 10m-25m
  • Structure width open 31m
  • Height to top of structure 2.16m
  • Length open 2.5m
  • Length closed 3m
  • Structure width closed 3m
Advantages of boom Irrigation
  • Water loss usually caused by drift is reduced with water being applied direct to crop.
  • Size off droplets can be controlled, small droplets to prevent soil and crop damage or larger droplets can be selected to reduce drift.
  • High flow rates allows faster retraction, allowing large areas to be covered in less time.
  • Low operation pressure resulting in less wear on pipeline and components.