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The Jones Engineering Triple Potato Planter has been designed to enable three beds to be planted at once by a medium sized tractor speeding up the process at the time of year when time is short. Comprising three individual planters mounted on a hydraulic folding frame with a central hopper for easier filling.

Standard features

  • Four tonne hopper capacity
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Hydraulic steering axle for tight headland turns
  • Central tipping hopper
  • Independent automatic depth control
  • Automatic filling mini hoppers
  • Belts delivering seed to mini hoppers are sensor controlled so that minimum amount of seed is in the mini hoppers at one time, eliminating damage to the tubers
  • Infinite options on spacing
  • Change spacing on the move
  • No chains or sprockets
  • Trailed allowing it to be easily pulled using 140hp tractor
  • Can be fitted with either hoods or ridging bodies to suit all conditions