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Jones Engineering have the Topper to suit your task whatever the crop.
Models available include:
Front or Rear Mounted steel flailed with auger discharge
Twin Rotor Rubber Flailed Carrot Toppers,
In field Crowning machines
Specialist Onion Toppers.
All can be fitted with automatic height control and also available are hydraulic folding three bed machines for the larger grower or contractor.


The Jones Engineering Topmaster can be front or rear mounted to give extra versatility to enable you to pretop before spraying off or on the front of your tractor when harvesting. The Topmaster has a working width of 1.8m and can be adapted to suit most rows or bed widths. The tops are discharged onto harvested ground by a 300mm diameter auger or a cross conveyor.
Working height is controlled by adjustable heavy duty pivoting wheels fitted on the front or rear of the machine with a floating headstock allowing the machine to follow the contours of the ground.

Onion Toppers

Jones Engineering Onion Toppers are heavy duty and come with a unique all-gearbox drive allowing the blades to be kept in time, which results in cleaner topped onions. When in work the topper is pulled along on four wheels and the trough which houses the blades is raised and lowered hydraulically, achieving more accurate height control whilst maintaining stability on undulating ground.

Rubber Flailed Toppers

Jones Engineering Rubber Flailed toppers are designed to finish the topping of the crop with the bulk being removed first with a steel fail, the twin rotors contra rotate to create a vacuum to suck the tops up and remove them with a specially made rubber that will not damage the crop. This makes the topper ideal for carrots and beetroot.

Strawberry Toppers

Jones Engineering Strawberry topper is specially designed to create a vacuum of air to suck the tops and debris up, the debris is then deposited between the rows in the walkway. Topping the strawberry plants after harvest removes all dead matter and promotes vigorous regrowth for the following seasons crop. The strawberry topper can either be a single bed machine or a hydraulic folding two or three bed machine. the unique offset design allows the machines to be easily used in poly tunnels.